To speak, represent and advocate for the Texas 0-5 early childhood community.



Our vision is of an effective Head Start Association that is volunteer-driven providing a voice that impacts appropriate policies for young children and their families.


Number of Head Start Programs:86
Number of Early HS Programs: 164
Number of Children Served: 67,630

Number of Head Start Staff:2,038


The Texas Head Start Association

The Texas Head Start Association is a private not-for-profit membership organization dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of Head Start children and their families across the state of Texas.

The Association, in conjunction with the National Head Start Association, advocates for policies that strengthen services to Head Start programs.

The Texas Head Start Association's 2012 - 2014 Strategic Plan is provided for viewing by clicking here.

About Head Start

Created in 1965, Head Start is the most successful, longest-running, national school readiness program in the United States. It provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families. Nearly 25 million pre-school aged children have benefited from Head Start.


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Texas Head Start Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization
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